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Our Safeway team includes 171,000 employees from all different walks of life. We strive to support all employees in reaching their potential. Our programs give employees access to numerous support and development services, allowing them to grow and contribute to the Safeway community. We also provide outreach and training to military veterans and their families to do our part to reward their sacrifice with career opportunities.

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Health & Wellness

Keeping our employees healthy is part of our commitment to healthy communities. We’ve established a range of programs, like our JumpStart Fitness Challenge, to make physical activity easy and accessible. These programs include competitions, rewards systems, discounts, online tools and in-person support. Every individual has the opportunity to find a program that fits their needs and lifestyle, helping them to develop healthy behaviors and reach their desired level of success.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Safeway embraces diversity and strives to hire people representing all backgrounds, who match the composition of the communities we serve. We’ve developed multiple Employee Resource Groups designed to provide educational opportunities, empower and support all employees. We also extend employment opportunities to our troops and returned veterans. They are exceptionally qualified to meet the demands of the retail industry. As a tangible way to show our appreciation for their service they gave to our country, we set a goal to hire 1,000 military veterans, with 850 veterans going into our stores in 2012. Through leadership development and training programs, we help them to transfer and build upon the skills they’ve learned in the military. We also offer support and funding to organizations that provide assistance to military families.

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Our Safeway family of companies includes over 171,000 employees across US & Canada: Breakdown by country and combined. USA Male 50%, Female 50%

Employee Development

We encourage ongoing learning and career development for all of our employees. We invest in employee leadership development--as well as job training--through a mix of classroom teaching, web-based learning, and on-the-job training.

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This investment includes our Leadership Institute programs including the Senior Leadership program for vice presidents and above. This program includes 360° multi-rater feedback, leadership forums, and other development opportunities that enhance general management thinking. In 2011, we also launched our Advancing Leader Program, which offers a multi-day experience for our district managers and directors. In addition, we began offering a frontline management training program called the Emerging Leader Series, which is specifically targeted at new managers.

Evaluations and assessments are another important way that we help employees develop skills and move forward along their career paths. We use a common set of terms for discussing and evaluating leadership both in our training and in our performance management system. This helps create greater clarity and consistency across our company to help employees reach their goals.

In 2013, we also partnered with Lean In to support women in their career ambitions. We are "leaning in" because we value empowered employees who are working to advance their leadership growth.

In honor of veterans day support our local heroes
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Safeway supports our local heroes. We exceeded our 2012 goal for hiring military veterans. Learn more about how we give back to those who give so much.
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