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Safeway is committed to being a business you can trust. For example, our business policies and principles adhere to the highest ethical standards and our corporate governance system ensures sound management. Individual privacy is extremely important to us, and we have created strong systems to ensure personal information is protected.


Supply Chain Transparency 

We’re proud to be a leader in the grocery industry. We actively pursue growth through leadership in environmental, socially responsible and ethical business practices. Corporate social responsibility is at the core of Safeway’s operating philosophy, and it drives our dedication to People, Products, Community, and the Planet. It also extends to our supply chain, as our suppliers play a critical role in ensuring that we manage our business in a responsible manner.

Beginning in 2011, Safeway engaged our suppliers in meaningful ways to address human trafficking and collaborate on finding solutions to any identified issues.  This responsible procurement practice is a part of daily business at Safeway.  The five principles of our framework for responsible procurement include:

  • Verification
  •  Auditing
  • Certification
  • Internal accountability and
  • Training

Over 1,000 Safeway employees who directly work with our many suppliers have successfully completed comprehensive training regarding the prevention of human trafficking in business operations and supply chains. Safeway has worked diligently with human trafficking experts to employ an eLearning course for business leaders, managers and employees of Safeway.

The course aims to help employees understand what human trafficking is, and points to actions we can take that are in accordance with our supplier code of conduct.

Safeway Position on Bisphenol A

While Safeway’s private label products are compliant with FDA regulations, we also understand that BPA in food containers, and other packaging and products, poses a concern for some consumers. In response to these concerns, Safeway’s food safety team has been closely monitoring third-party research on BPA and its effects. We have asked industry trade associations such as the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers of America to do the same. The Company’s principal objective has been to find ways to limit the presence of BPA in several areas.

The process of identifying BPA-free packaging alternatives is neither brief nor uncomplicated. We must do our due diligence to ensure that our decisions are based on sound scientific data and that all packaging alternatives are safe and viable. Food safety is a company priority of the highest level that is being managed by senior-level executives. BPA-free packaging alternatives are being researched by the most knowledgeable authorities within Safeway and the retail food industry.


Safeway runs its business according to the highest ethical and legal standards.

Our directors, officers and employees complete our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics compliance training, and specialized training is given to any employees who have direct or indirect contact with foreign officials or perform an accounting function associated with the books and records of foreign subsidiaries.

We foster accountability by providing clear channels for reporting unethical conduct. A confidential 24-hour hotline is offered where employees, vendors and others can report violations anonymously.

Information Protection

We respect individuals’ rights to privacy and have developed strong policies and procedures to protect personal information. We comply with all applicable state and federal privacy laws that relate to protecting the privacy of our employees and customers. We hold mandatory trainings every year for all eligible Safeway employees referred to as “Privacy and Information Protection Awareness Training.”

Additionally, we created an Information Security Team whose sole objective is to safeguard customer, stakeholder and employee information. The team is composed of information security experts, dedicated to ensuring that information, applications, systems and networks are protected from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure and usage. As part of our continuing education efforts, Safeway joined a cyberspace awareness campaign established by the US Department of Homeland Security called Stop.Think.Connect™. The purpose of the campaign is to increase awareness and make the Internet a safer and more secure place.

For more information on Stop.Think.Connect. programs, visit

Corporate Governance

At Safeway, we believe in accountability and fairness, and we have instilled those values into our corporate governance system. Our rules and practices ensure sound management of our company and build confidence among our customers and stakeholders.

We are governed by an eight-member board of directors that reviews and approves the company’s major financial objectives, plans and actions, according to our corporate governance policies. Our board operates under an expanded version of the standards established by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

In efforts to maintain impartial leadership, we established a separate position of Lead Independent Director because our Chief Executive Officer, Steven Burd, also serves as Chairman of the Board.

Named one of Ethisphere Institute’s Most Ethical Company in 2013.
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